Prime Barbecue Press

Grilling with Rich: Meet the BBQ Pro, Christopher Prieto from Prime Barbecue

by Alan Houser

"Chris Prieto (CP): I am owner and Pitmaster of PRIME Barbecue. I always consider myself the perfect storm of beef and pork. Born in Bryan, Texas, but was raised in a small town called Richmond right outside of Houston. The other half of my life has been in Raleigh, North Carolina where my barbecue path started to take flight. I have been a professional barbecue cook on the KCBS circuit for 11 years and have been a CBJ for the past 6 years. I have spent the majority of my life traveling to barbecue restaurants, joints and roadsides eating and studying under many pitmasters. I consider my barbecue a fusion style of Kansas City sweet, North Carolina vinegar and Texas pepper simplicity. My family came over from Puerto Rico to Texas when my father was completing his PhD. Since barbecue is not a normal cuisine on the island my father would make it a point to stop at every BBQ place we saw on our travels through Texas. My mother was a big influence to my brothers and me in the kitchen cooking each meal, but my father always let me get behind the grill. So, it’s no surprise that my brother because a culinary trained chef and I became the barbecue guy..."